Spring Training

Well, it is spring again and for those of us who play minor league baseball for a “living” that means reunions with teammates, physicals, bloodwork and endless hours of standing around shagging batting practice.  It really doesn’t get much better… until the second the season starts.


To most people the prospect of a physical examination is a minor hassle that takes an hour or two out of your day once a year, but spring training physicals are a whole different beast.  While we certainly do the standard medical physical that everyone does, we also have to go through stations for upper and lower extremity measurements, concussion testing, functional movement testing, blood work, urine test, strength testing on both shoulders for the pitchers, etc, etc.  Throw in the fact that there are probably 100 guys trying to get through each station and it gets to be an all-day fun-fest for all involved.  Mercifully I did the actual physicals in Cleveland in January (where all the doctors examining my posture and functional movement thought I was left-handed and I have no idea what to make of that) so all I have to do tomorrow is the blood work, drug test and our conditioning test.  I also got the best news I’ve probably ever gotten during spring training today when I found out that our conditioning test will be a series of gassers rather than the “Warrior Run,” a brutal half-mile shuttle run that had been our conditioning assessment since time untold.


Check back in a couple days for a rundown of the first few hectic days of spring training and our new facility.  So long for now.


  1. dbartley53@yahoo.com

    Neil, I am so proud of you. I watched you play baseball as a young boy, a high school and college player. Someday would love to watch you play pro-ball. Always cheering for you! drew

  2. mail@caseywise.com

    Neil, thanks for posting! Minor league player development is very interesting reading for me. I’m excited to see how things go for you.

    I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed and am looking forward to your next post. I’m regular attendee of Akron Aeros games, any chance we’ll see you here in Akron this year? What position do you play? What past or present players motivate you?

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