Chilling in Punxsutawney

Hello again out there in cyberspace.  I have finally gotten semi-consistent access to the internet so I figured I’d take advantage of the opportunity to post an update on how Groundhog Day… err… spring training is going.  This is the point during spring training at which the rubber really begins to meet the road, with the start of inter-squad games yesterday and the official start of minor league games on Wednesday.  As players we all welcome the transition from batting practice and bullpens everyday to live game action because it allows us to do what we not only do best but are the most comfortable doing, namely getting out on the field and competing.  It offers the possibility to showcase our skills for the coaching staff and front office, each of us making our case to earn a spot on the roster we have set our sights on all offseason or, in the case of some players, to earn a spot on a roster period.  Yes, we are all happy to have started games but with the start of games come updated rosters that highlight one of the somber realities of the spring training process–too many guys for not enough jobs.  As professionals we all understand the nature of the business and that the staff has to make decisions in what they determine to be the best interest of the organization, but it is hard to watch guys that you came into the organization with and gone through the grind, injuries, and celebrations with year after year get shown the door or to have your own dream of playing major league baseball come to an end.  Working, living and traveling with the same group of guys during a season and over the course of multiple seasons obviously means that most of us are not only teammates but good friends, so the enthusiasm of the start of games is tempered somewhat by the impending prospect of parting ways (at least professionally) with some great guys.


On a happier note, since it now seems that I may actually be able to get on the internet on something resembling a regular basis I will hopefully be posting more updates on a slightly more frequent basis.  Also, I’ll try to get into a bit more off-field stuff in the next couple entries so be on the lookout for that and happy Camp Fire Boys & Girls Founders Day (and to those of you into more obscure holidays, happy St. Patrick’s Day).

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