Deep thoughts inspired by Jim Gaffigan

Hello again and welcome back for another installment.  Games have been going for a little while now and I’ve thrown in three games so far.  I haven’t pitched up to what I would consider to be midseason standards (a sentiment shared by many other players I’m sure) but I’ve felt good, stayed on track to be ready for the season and managed to avoid pitching on the road so far so I can’t really complain.  On the flip side I got some unfortunate news the other day when I found out that my roommate had gotten released by the Indians.  I’ve played with him on a couple different teams and also lived with him during the season last year so I was pretty disappointed to hear the news, but I wish him all the best and I’m sure he’ll land on his feet somewhere.


Well, having dispensed with the obligatory baseball side of things, I am going to wander off the path a bit.  I was sitting in my hotel room watching the hilarious stand up of Jim Gaffigan, the second palest person on earth (I’m looking at you Matt Meyer), and one of his jokes was about how much he hates it when people say “the book is so much better than the movie.”  Now, I usually take some sly satisfaction out of deflating people by telling them how much better the book is, but I got to thinking and realized that there are some pretty notable movies that are significantly better than the crappy books they are based on.  So to the chagrin of English teachers everywhere, here are a few books that you would be better served to pass on and just watch the movie.


I Am Legend by Richard Matheson (1954)

There have actually been three movies based on this book: The Last Man on Earth (1964), Omega Man (1971), and I am Legend (2007).  Having seen all three incarnations the only one I would recommend is the most recent with Will Smith as Neville, and I absolutely would not recommend the book.  The plot of the novel is fairly mundane and ends somewhat abruptly after nothing of interest really happens, so save yourself the headache and just head to Blockbuster.


V for Vendetta by Alan Moore & David Lloyd (1982)

Ok, so this is technically a graphic novel, but don’t hold that against me.  The original comic isn’t overtly bad, but the movie is a lot more focused (not to mention interesting) and the characters really jump off the screen in the movie whereas in the comic they never really command your attention.


The Dexter Novels by Jeff Lindsay

This is a series of four novels released since 2004 that follows the “exploits” of serial killer and police forensics expert Dexter Morgan as he weeds out the worst elements of society and have been adapted into the Showtime series Dexter.  What makes the TV show great is the degree to which Dexter’s psyche is on display at all times, but this is also what makes the books such an uninteresting read.  Simply put nothing substantive happens for most of all four books so I wouldn’t recommend picking these up.


Well, hopefully I haven’t bored you too much, but it was a random thought I had and it seemed as interesting as anything else I had to write about after a fairly uneventful week.  That’s about all I have for now, but I’ll be back with another update soon.


  1. cfisher

    Jim, couldnt agree with you more about the book “I am Legend”, I was so let down. The book was fairly captivating but the abrupt ending sucked… I made the mistake of buying the newer copy of the book that included a bunch of short stories within the same cover. So our man gets captured and I flip the page to find him saying “I am Legend”. The End. Did the author die or something… there were so many places to go with that story.

  2. juliasrants

    While there are a few movies better then the books – it is the rare exception! Graphic novels sometimes translate better to movies, though from what I hear – The Watchman graphic novel is better then the movie! Don’t worry about not being in mid-season form. A lot of players aren’t! And I know this from watching the Red Sox-Yankees game last night! Ouch.


  3. josh frost

    Most people would also agree that the film “Forrest Gump” is much better than the book. The movie is exceptional anyways, but I’ve heard less than stellar reviews for the book.

    That being said, the list is too long of books that should have stayed just books.

  4. ktex

    God, I love you for listing Dexter! Michael C. Hall has made Dexter Morgan so much better than he was in the books. Definitely one of the best shows on TV…especially since Flight of the Conchords ended.


    Neil, I’m late to comment on this but what did you think of the Watchmen movie compared to the book/graphic novel/whatever you want to call it?

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