Winding down

Well it’s time for another installment and happily the days keep ticking off the calendar and towards the end of spring training.  After a disaster of an outing about a week ago I’ve bounced back with a good bullpen session and a couple productive outings since.  As usually seems to happen during spring training I have been absolutely incapable of striking anyone out, but hopefully it will straighten itself out during the season like it usually does.  With about a week left, it has reached the point where everyone is starting to round into full form for the regular season and begins getting itchy to get out in front of real crowds, in real stadiums, playing real regular season games.  Spring training is essential in allowing players to prepare for a season by seeing live game action and getting back into a routine of sorts.  Spring training is also essential to the front office and on-field staff as they decide what the composition of the organization is going to be for this year, but this process of deciding which players will be coming and going causes a constant tension that underlies everyday of spring training.  Everyday is full of players talking about where guys are going to be playing, how that affects where they are going to be playing, who is going to get cut, how much it sucks that a friend is going to be playing somewhere else, etc, etc.  It is rather exhausting and there is always a sense of relief when rosters get decided, spring training breaks up and everyone heads out to their respective teams.  It will also be nice to show up to the ballpark everyday at 1 pm instead of 7 am, even though it will mean trading the sunshine of Arizona for the slightly cooler clime of Ohio.


Well, I think I’ll call that good for now, but I’ll make sure to log on and keep you posted a few more times as we break camp and get settled in to start the season.  I would also like to wish the best of luck to everyone in and around Fargo dealing with the flooding on the Red River.  Stay dry and stay safe.


  1. evanschrode

    Hey man, all i gotta say is that you’re good enough to be in the bigs, and the minors. Not many people can do what you do, so brush aside some of the shaky stuff and pitch like you know how to. Keep up the good work

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