Brief week one recap

Hello again and apologies for a somewhat prolonged absence.  It has been a fairly busy week between getting settled back into the in-season routine, setting up my housing situation, having my parents in town and the like so most of my “free” time has been spent sleeping or relaxing.  I got everything squared away though and now being on our first road trip of the season there is a lot less non-baseball stuff going on so hopefully I’ll manage to get posts up a bit more regularly.


The season got off to what could only be called a good start for my team for me personally… not so much.  The team got off to a 5-1 start in our first week with wins powered alternately by offense and pitching, which is an encouraging way to start the year.  On the other hand I started my season off by throwing nine of my first ten pitches for balls and walking two guys, but after a rough first inning I threw a very good second inning.  My other outing to this point was a ridiculous mélange of hits, walks and general poor pitching that somehow did not result in any earned runs being scored but still couldn’t be considered anything but disappointing.  On the bright side it is still very early and I am feeling great physically, so the solution really is as simple as just going out and playing better.


I think I’ll call that good for now considering that we had a 10:30 am game today followed by a 6+  hour bus trip to Bowie, MD, but given the general lack of things to do on the road I’ll probably be getting something up either tomorrow or shortly thereafter so be on the lookout for that.

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