Another week in the books

Hello once more.  This installment follows and unspectacular week of baseball that saw a flurry of inter-divisional play in the Eastern League that squared us off against Connecticut and New Britain.  We won the series against the Defenders 2-1 and lost the series against the Rock Cats by the same count, resulting in an overall 3-3 record over our six game home stand.  It wasn’t anything flashy or inspiring but at this point in the season and with a reasonable lead in our division we can get away with playing .500 for a week now and then even if we should aspire to more.  We have an opportunity to try it all over again starting tomorrow when we square off against Connecticut and then New Britain following a day off and a hellishly long road trip made worse by a road construction induced delay.  Personally I threw once in each series and managed not to surrender a run so I guess that’s good and hopefully I can replicate those performances in my upcoming outings.


  1. indianslove

    Hey, dont worry about that record. (: Its not bad at all. I’m sure your team will get on a huge winning streak in the very near future, so dont worry. Sorry about the bad roadtrip. Im only 15, & I still hate being stuck in traffic. Good job in your outings! I’m sure you will do just as good in the future games you pitch in! (: I love reading your blog, so keep up the good work. Your blog rocks. – -TC


    So, is Akron going to bring Travis Haefner down to Double A this year to try and win the Eastern League playoffs like they “tried” to do did last year?

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