Same Old Song and Dance

Hello again out there in cyberspace.  Sorry for the absences of just more than a week, but during spring training time can be rather tricky.  Because of its eerie resemblance to Groundhog Day (everyday being the same as the last and all) it is often hard to keep track of exactly what day certain happened.  Like, for example, what day a blog entry was written.  Oh well.  Since I last checked in I have had three appearances, one poor and two good.  The first was a poor game against the Dodgers that was basically a result of not throwing enough consistent strikes, but I have been much better in my two subsequent outings.  In two games against the Brewers and Reds I threw two scoreless innings, gave up only one hit, had a few strikeouts, and most importantly was throwing consistent strikes.  Obviously a poor outing is never something to look forward to, but the with the tally standing at three strong outings to one poor one and given that it is spring training and some ups and downs are to be expected I feel fairly satisfied with my spring performance so far.  I have also been given the opportunity to travel with the major league team to Los Angeles to play the Dodgers in an exhibition game at Dodger Stadium on Thursday, which should be a fun experience.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes next update.


Away from the field I have been spending most of my time cleaning up, packing and generally preparing to break camp when spring training ends this coming Sunday.  I did manage to take in the Tempe Festival of the Arts on Sunday and actually bought an interesting metal and glass sculpture/coffee table from a couple from Cordelaine, Idaho.  As with most art festivals there was a mix of very interesting and terrible stalls and everything in between, but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed it.  In addition to the major pluses of being free and not being in Scottsdale, it was extremely large and well organized so there was a lot to see and a much higher proportion of attention-worthy displays.  It was fun seeing some new pieces by some of the artists I enjoyed from last year’s festival and overall it was just a great experience and I’d recommend taking it in if you’re ever around Phoenix in March.  As always I’m still spending most of my clubhouse time glued to a book and at present I’m chipping away at both Empire Falls by Richard Russo and The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  I finished off a couple of Pulitzer Prize winning books of poetry in Shadow of Sirius by W.S. Merwin and Late Wife by Claudia Emerson.  Well, I guess  I should get to bed so I can be well rested for another early day at the field tomorrow, so I’ll leave you with a poem and catch you on the flip side.


A Momentary Creed

By W.S. Merwin


I believe in the ordinary day

that is here at this moment and is me


I do not see it going its own way

but I never saw how it came to me


it extends beyond whatever I may

think I know and all that is real to me


it is the present that it bears away

where it has gone when it has gone from me


there is not place I know outside today

except for the unknown all around me


the only presence that appears to stay

everything that I call mine it lent me


even the way that I believe the day

for as long as it is here and is me

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