About Neil Wagner

As I will assume you know because you are reading the info section on my blog, my name is Neil Wagner and I am a pitcher in the minor leagues for the Oakland Athletics. The first five plus years of my career were spent with the Cleveland Indians before getting traded in May 2010. I grew up in Minnesota near Minneapolis and the Indians drafted me in 2005 out of THE North Dakota State University, which Im sure you all recognize as the powerhouse alma mater of 5 MLB draft picks since 1968. I am an avid reader, NFL junkie and movie buff so if you make a regular habit of reading this blog you will almost certainly be subject to my ramblings on these and other multivarious topics. Seeing as I have an entire season to write about myself, my season and my interests I wont exhaust the short list of interesting things about me in the bio section, but if you really are desperate for reading material there is some more in-depth biographical info as well as a sample of what you can expect from this blog during the year on my Arizona Fall League blog, which is available at the URL listed below. Happy reading.


Reading, NDSU football, classic movies, NFL, U of Minnesota Hockey, bonsai, other random stuff.